Consultant/Senior Consultant (People and Change group)

Работодатель: PwC

Consultant/Senior Consultant (People and Change group)

Consulting department of PwC Russia is looking for the professionals to join our Strategy and Operations team, People and Change sector

What you will get:

  • Solid start of the career in a reputable company with a strong brand, which will drive your resume for years ahead
  • Intensive training and coaching to rapidly develop an independent professional in you (and accompanying fair and fast rank and compensation growth)
  • Chance to try many different industries and see how top national companies really work before you commit to any of them
  • Rapidly develop general business, narrow technical and industry specific skills
  • Broad network of colleagues and clients who will help and employ you along your career
  • International career and marketability if you decide you want it

We expect you bring:

  • Must have
    • 1-3 years of intensive experience in large multinational companies (industrial products, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, retail, etc.). Experience in consulting would be considered as an advantage.
    • Being equally good with numbers and with people
    • Taking initiative and owning it through to the end results
    • Curiosity and desire to understand how things really work
    • Good writing skills and decent English
    • Know what you are doing by applying to consulting – do your homework
  • Big advantage if you
    • Have any living or working experience abroad (not as a tourist)

What we do:

  • We help a wide range of clients, from consumer goods and retail to heavy industry and transportation, to solve strategic, managerial and operational issues; drive sales and reduce costs; streamline processes and restructure. We will teach you how.

Examples of projects:

  • Advising a large machinery manufacturer on how to streamline its supply-chain
  • Helping a transportation company to optimize delivery routes and cut costs
  • Driving procurement costs down for a food manufacturer

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18 апреля 2017