Facility Operations Manager

Работодатель: The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is pleased to announce a job vacancy for the following position: Facility Operations Manager.

Reporting to the Chief Facilities Officer, the Facility Operations Manager will play a critical role in the development of Skoltch’s new campus and facilities, by providing the campus planning team with expertise and support to ensure that MEPG design documentation complies with best practice, meets the functional needs of the University in all areas with federal and local regulation/code, with the final aim goal of receiving the appropriate construction/renovation permits on a timely basis.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage all technical and administrative aspects of building operations, maintenance and service operations for all University buildings/locations:
    • Develop and maintain effective means of receipt, dispatch, and monitoring of maintenance and service calls reported from throughout the University campus;
    • Establish and maintain methods and procedures for notification of work schedules to Faculty, Academic and non-Academic Staff; establish priority and coordinate trades and functions (insourced and outsourced) to accomplish special and routine work activities;
    • Establish and maintain logs, records, etc., as necessary to maintain positive control of flow, progress and reporting of work(s); coordinate all record and reporting systems to interface with the appropriate electronic data systems;
    • Develop, coordinate and maintain an effective planned preventive maintenance system for the entire campus (buildings, grounds and utility systems).
  • Act as the internal Client representative for the facilities operations organization. In conjunction with and under the direction of the appropriate Project Manager and in compliance with agreed upon divisions of responsibilities supervise, monitor and control the activities of the Technical Zakazchik, design and construction teams in order to ensure that design documentation and construction quality meet the needs and standards required for the operation of the University.
  • Work with the PM team, technical zakazchik, and design/construction teams as necessary and prudent in order to:
    • Assist in the development of programming statements (statement of works, scope of works, TZ, terms of reference, etc.) for design/construction/renovations works.
    • Provide technical support to the General Designer(s), specialist consultants, and other members of the design team during the process of design development for all University construction/renovation projects.
    • Ensure that the technical zakazchik is developing design documentation in compliance with GUP/LUP and utility connection conditions issued by the Skolkovo Foundation (and/or its agents, partners and subsidiary companies), as well as in support of the architectural and investment objectives established for the project.
    • Monitor construction/installation works and conduct regular surveys with the aim of ensuring that the quality and operational standards established by the University are being efficiently and effectively executed.
    • Reviews strategy, approves commissioning procedures, witnesses control measurements, attends system testing, approves the commissioning reports during the hand-over/commissioning process.
  • Work with the Chief Facilities Officer and other University personnel as appropriate to define, refine, and develop roles and responsibilities for future engineering staff and to build a systems engineering organization that will support the on-going operation of the University:
    • Assist in the development of systems, processes, and budgets and budget controls for the design and construction of physical facilities, with the aim of attaining efficiencies in energy utilization, capital cost of engineering systems and on-going operations, that balance the needs of University objectives, national and local legislation/regulation, international best practice and internal standards; develop and oversee the implementation of proposals for improvements in the former on a regular basis and as part of SOP;
    • Develop a building operations/facilities management program, budget, staffing plan and, at the appropriate time, an operational and execution plan; oversee implementation and execution of the plan;
    • Provide the analysis for and participate in the decision(s) to insource/outsource elements – in whole, in part or in aggregate – building operations, engineering services, maintenance and repair and other campus support functions;
  • Participate in the development of building and facility operations policy (not to exclude EHS policy, where appropriate) and the formation of a team that will provide service and support to all users, as well as provide expert advice/consultation in the areas of MEPG and intelligent building systems;
  • On a day-to-day level manage all outsourced facility operations contractors in accordance with the approved operations plan and coordinate the functioning of the Facilities Committee and ensure it’s effectiveness.

Key Relations:

Reports to:

  • Chief Facilities Officer

Other key relations:

  • VP Research/Senior Research Team
  • SIC/Moscow Approval Authorities (as appropriate)
  • Technical Zakazchik and contractor teams
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Education Consultant)

Ideal Experience and Qualities:

Skoltech is seeking an accomplished Facility Operations Manager who has at least 5 years of technical expertise in engineering design management, and at least 10 years experience in the role of Facility Operations Manager (or equivalent). Experience in a production environment will ensure advancement to the final pool of candidates. Knowledge of the research laboratory environment is highly desired, but not required. Experience in the academic environment is a plus.

The successful candidate will possess the following talent, skills, knowledge and qualifications:

  • A Bachelors Degree in Engineering from a recognized, leading educational institution; a Masters Degree in an area of specialization is desirable.
  • Intimate knowledge of the legislation in the Russian Federation (SNiP, SANPiN, appropriate local legislation and tekhnicheskie reglamentiy) for both new project approvals and on-going operations;
  • A deep understanding of and experience with best practice in engineering design and experience working with international design teams in Russia, and experience in developing engineering design criteria.
  • Methodology of analyzing design solutions against criteria especially in the context of cost, schedule and effectiveness;
  • Processes of design and design management, the primary elements of construction and design/construction sequencing;
  • A wide range of experience with increasing levels of responsibility over a broad range of project types, with an emphasis on large-scale and technologically complex buildings.
  • Excellent judgment and the ability to balance competing objectives in the “big picture”;
  • Proven ability to solve problems, especially in the context of conflicting or absent regulations;
  • Action and results-orientated; honest and trustworthy; strong work ethic and diligent performer; ability to work cooperatively across an organization with many levels of staff and leadership;
  • Attention to detail; sensitivity to various organizational interests; diplomacy; advocacy;
  • Self-confidence; resourcefulness; and organizational skills and savvy;
  • Ability to maintain composure, dignity, and sense of humor while creatively and effectively functioning in a work atmosphere of shifting sands and numerous equally important deadlines;
  • Ability to work in a start-up environment, under a tremendous amount of uncertainty and stress, being able to feel, appreciate and use the drive of the team is a must;
  • Advanced PC skills, experience with modern office and communications software, design and graphics software (AutoCAD is mandatory – experience with other programs is welcome),
  • As English is the working language at Skoltech the successful candidate will be adept in reading, writing and speaking the English language. Fluency in the Russian language is a must.


  • The successful candidate will be paid a competitive compensation package commensurate with the important responsibilities of this role in delivering Skoltech Institute’s project plan.

Компания: The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

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17 апреля 2017