Junior project manager

Работодатель: АЛИБАБА.КОМ (РУ)

Job description:
- dealing with internal paperwork (invoices, purchasing requests, contracts)
- assisting in cross-departmental daily communication (acting as a bridge between local russian team and chinese head quarters): meeting minutes, translation of important documents/PPTs, etc.
- facilitating daily communication with key Chinese sellers: stock/logistics control, documents exchange, marketing initiatives.
- daily operation of some online channels in AliExpress
- helping with other marketing projects

Skills and requirements
- fluent Chinese
- fluent English and Russian
- attention to details
- effective communication
- logical thinking


- positive thinking
- stress resistant
- ability to deal with routine tasks
- clear delivery of messages

Компания: АЛИБАБА.КОМ (РУ)

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16 апреля 2017